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Expert mixing engineer and producer with many years in the industry.

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Your music to the next level?

Badgato is an experienced mixing engineer and producer who will take your music to the next level of the industry to compete with the best artists!

The basis of any project is its mixing, and then its mastering.

Online Mixing and Mastering

Impeccable sound quality, consistency across all playback platforms and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your music is in expert hands. Let your music shine and get the attention it deserves.


How it works

After acquiring the proper mixing and mastering settings, you will be able to upload your audio files on the spot. You will also have the opportunity to share notes or specific details about your song.

Now it's our turn! All songs will be mixed and mastered to meet professional industry quality standards.

Once the mix and mastering are done, we will send you the mixed song for your approval. We offer two free revisions for your song if you wish to make changes. After approval, all files will be rendered and sent to you.

Premium Audio Resources

Sample packs, presets, bank sounds, templates and much more!


Customer reviews

Really nice job! Totally recommended, fast communication and great results! I’ll totally come back in the future! Badgato is very talented and professional.
Cantante y compositora
Estoy muy satisfecho con el resultado de la mezcla, sin duda volveré a contar con badgato para el siguiente proyecto. Los sonidos ahora son mucho más nítidos y la percusión tiene una mayor presencia. Gran trabajo! Mil gracias, un abrazo desde Alicante.
Productor musical y DJ
Im very happy with Badgato, he works really fast and really good, my mix is now awesome!!! If you need something fast, cheap and amazing, Bad is perfect for you. Im sure I'll come back with new mixes for Bad!
Compositor y guitarrista
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