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    Podcast Edition

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    We offer specialized services to meet all your editing needs: the Audio editing and the Video and Audio Editing. With Audio Editing, you will improve the sound quality of your podcast, while with Video and Audio Editing, you will take your podcast to the next level. your content to the next level with captivating visual elements. Stand out in the world of podcasting with our help and captivate your audience with high quality content!

  • Logic pro X

    Mix & Master

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    Want your music to sound like the pros? Let us help you. We offer a high quality mixing and mastering service that will improve the sound quality of your music and make it sound amazing on any sound system, make your songs shine with our music mixing and mastering service!

    1. Select the options que ofrecemos (cantidad de pistas, tiempo de entrega,…)
    2. Upload your song (compressed in a .zip file) to the section you will find here, if not, you can also share us to our mail ( with your order number.
    3. We'll get the mixed/mastered song in the mail to you as soon as it's ready!
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